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SmartThings updates iOS app for Matter

With the update to version 1.6.95, SmartThings added the new Matter standard to its iOS app. Until now, Matter devices in the Samsung ecosystem could only be installed with an Android device – similar to Amazon and Google. With the new iOS app from SmartThings, users of iPhones or iPads now have an alternative to Apple’s in-house solution. Apple’s Home app already supports Matter since October 2022.

Prerequisite for setting up Matter products under SmartThings is an iOS device with iOS 16.2 or newer installed. With this, compatible devices can be installed on a SmartThings hub from Samsung or Aeotec (see device list) and put into operation. Since newer generations of SmartThings hubs support the Thread radio protocol in addition to Z-Wave and Zigbee, Thread components such as those from Eve Systems can be used in conjunction with Matter products using WLAN.

However, basic limitations of SmartThings still apply. For example, Samsung’s ecosystem does not currently support the Bridge device type from the Matter standard. This means that a smart home hub like the M2 from Aqara cannot be integrated. Zigbee sensors, sockets or shutter motors connected to it have to be disconnected from the Aqara hub and registered directly with the SmartThings hub via radio.

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