Aqara: first software update for Matter in December

Chinese smart home specialist Aqara today announced the timeline of its Matter launch (link). Accordingly, the M2 Zigbee hub will be the first product to receive a software product before the end of December 2022. Other hubs from the manufacturer, including the Hub M1S (1st + 2nd generation) the Hub E1 as well as the camera hubs G2H Pro and G3 will follow 2023.

The update is played free of charge over the Internet on the control centers and is to make available in the first step more than 40 Zigbee products from the Aqara assortment in Matter ecosystems – among them various sensors, smart plugs, the Radiator Thermostat E1 and Roller Shade Driver E1. A graphic from the manufacturer shows the complete lineup:

In the long term, Aqara wants to make more than 160 products from 10 product categories Matter-enabled in this way. In addition, as previously announced, the manufacturer is planning a new product line that uses the Thread radio protocol instead of Zigbee. The new P2 door/window contact and P2 light/motion sensor are expected to be launched in early 2023 and will then be able to establish a wireless connection to Matter systems without a hub.

Also in preparation: the new smart home hub M3. It should not only enable Aqara devices with Zigbee to support Matter, but also serve as a Thread Border Router as well as Matter controller and commissioner. Would mean: It can commission and manage thread and Matter-compatible smart home devices directly. A further development of the Aqara app should then open up the company’s own smart home system to others and also support third-party Matter devices.

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