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Aqara announces Matter sensors with Thread

Aqara follows up: The smart home brand of the Chinese Xiaomi Group has once again emphasized its support for the Matter standard. In addition to software updates for the Aqara M2 and M1S hubs, there will also be new sensors in the second half of 2022. Specifically, there is talk of two models: a new edition of the Aqara Motion Sensor motion detector (pictured above) and a modified version of the Door and Window Sensor opening contact (link). Both have been available for some time as part of Aqara’s smart home system and enjoy some popularity, which is also due to inexpensive direct imports from China.

However, unlike previous Zigbee products, which will remain in the program, the new versions will work with the Thread radio protocol. This eliminates the need for a hub from Aqara to connect the devices to a Matter system. The battery-powered sensors will make direct contact with an existing border router such as the 4th generation Amazon Echo or the 2nd generation Nest Hub.

Thus, Aqara users will have two options in the future: They can use a control center as before and register Zigbee sensors with it. Then the complete product range of the manufacturer is available. Or they can do without the Aqara hub and integrate the two Thread products directly into an existing Thread network.

Aquara M1S in socket
The Aquara M1S (pictured) and M2 hubs receive software updates for Matter. Image:

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