Amazon Echo 4 with Thread

Amazon Echo 4 gains Matter – and Thread

It has been known for quite some time that many Echo models will support the smart home standard Matter in the future. However, Amazon has now added an interesting detail in a blog post (link): At launch next year, the Echo 4 will not only be the first to receive its software update – it will also support the Thread wireless standard.

Change of the radio protocol via update

Amazon enables the protocol via software update, similar to what Eve Systems does with its products. For users of an Echo 4, this means that they can not only control Matter devices that are connected to the home network via WLAN or LAN cable, but also register Thread products directly on the Echo.

So far, the Bluetooth and Zigbee wireless protocols have been used for this. However, the selection of compatible devices is manageable and is largely limited to LED lamps. Thread in combination with Matter opens up new possibilities here. For example, Eve sensors and controllers as well as lamps from Nanoleaf are also available via Thread.

Matter updates for more Echos to follow

Other Echo speakers are supposed to receive the update for Matter in the course of 2022. Whether they will also be equipped with Thread is uncertain. Not all Echo models have the necessary Zigbee radio chip – and it has to meet certain requirements for a subsequent change of the protocol. This might not be the case for older devices.

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