First Matter smart plug from Meross

Update from June 26, 2023: The product returns to Europe and can be pre-ordered on Amazon. The improved MSS315 is scheduled to ship in July or August 2023.

Update from April 12, 2023: The joy for first-time buyers in Europe was short-term. Due to safety issues, Meross is recalling the EU version (MSS315). Customers will receive a replacement in May or can request a refund of the purchase price (link).

Original news from January 31, 2023:

The Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini from Meross is a good example of the current situation with Matter products. There are – and then there aren’t.

The Chinese company, otherwise known for low-priced HomeKit devices, announced its first Wi-Fi smart plug back in November 2022. A short time later, the product could be pre-ordered in the US and Canada (type MSS115, link) – in a double pack for just under 50 US dollars. There was a 50 percent discount via the Meross website, which ensured a quick sell-out.

The EU version (MSS315, link) did not fare any better in January: The contingent for the first 500 buyers was sold out in a flash, but even the second edition with a 30% discount was not enough to satisfy the demand. Delivery is not scheduled until March. And meanwhile, the store page says “Sold Out” again. A few hundred copies per batch are probably just too few for a worldwide Matter market. The early adopters take what they can get.

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