Shelly 1PM mounted in flush box

Matter updates for Shelly products

Update as of August 31, 2023: In a livestream on Facebook (link), Dimitar Dimitrov, CEO of the Shelly Group and head of the R&D department, mentioned the end of 2023 as the revised date. That’s when firmware for existing models should be ready. New products of 2024 will then be launched on the market with a Matter-enabled firmware.

Original news from January 11, 2023:

Flush-mounted switch modules of the Shelly brand are quite popular among smart home fans. The Belgrade-based manufacturer Allterco supplies them all over the world and has also had a second head office in Las Vegas since 2019. US CEO Svetlin Todorov took advantage of the short distance to the neighboring Consumer Electronics Show CES this year to give an interview to the technology magazine “The Verge”. He revealed that large parts of the Shelly range will receive a software update for the Matter standard (link).

Updates for Shelly Plus and Pro

Specifically mentioned were the Shelly Plus and Shelly Pro series. The first consists of flush-mounted modules with Wi-Fi that fit behind sockets and light switches or in a junction box. The Pro series is intended for installation in the distribution box: DIN rail modules such as Shelly Pro 1, Pro 2 or Pro 3 sit on the mounting rail and control electrical loads from there.

DIN rail modules like the Shelly Pro 2 are made for installation in power distribution boards. Image: Manufacturer

Today, Allterco products are already well-connected. They work together with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and SmartThings. However, a local connection with HomeKit is only possible in a detour with alternative firmware. With Matter support, such workarounds should be a thing of the past. According to CEO Todorov, the corresponding software update is planned for the end of the second quarter of 2023.

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