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Yeelight announces Matter update for lights

In its company blog, Yeelight has announced support for the upcoming smarthome standard Matter (link). The Chinese lamp and lighting manufacturer is thus the second company from the Xiaomi Group to join the initiative. Aqara had already announced in September that it would make its smart home control centers compatible.

As for Yeelight, this affects a certain part of the range, namely lights that use the Bluetooth Mesh wireless standard. These include the atmospheric Yeelight Candela (picture), various ceiling lights, but also lamps like the Smart Bulb M2 Multi Color. A prerequisite for operation with Matter is an installed Bluetooth Mesh gateway from Yeelight, which already establishes contact with Amazon Alexa or Samsung SmartThings. In the company’s parlance, this type of installation is also called Yeelight Pro.

The gateway connects Yeelight Bluetooth mesh products with other services.

The gateway for Yeelight Pro is to be among the first products to receive a software update for the Matter standard in the first half of the year. The company is thus following a similar path as Signify with Philips Hue: The control center is made compatible, while connected lamps retain their own wireless standard. The only difference is that Yeelight uses the much rarer and more exotic Bluetooth Mesh standard instead of Zigbee.

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