Ubisys combines Zigbee and Matter

The German manufacturer Ubisys is now providing users of its G1 smart home gateway with a free software update. As announced, the firmware with version number 4.0.0 supports the new smart home standard Matter. This means that a large number of possible Zigbee components can also be used in Matter ecosystems. According to Ubisys, the product support is not limited to certain devices or brands. In addition to the provider’s own Zigbee sensors and actuators (link), it is intended that third-party products can also be registered at the control center, which are then passed on to Matter.

The Ubisys gateway connects Zigbee devices to Matter ecosystems. Image: Manufacturer

The supported device classes are also quite impressive. While systems like Home Assistant or Amazon Alexa only support a small selection of the Matter product categories at the start, Ubisys presents a comparatively wide range. Software version 4.0.0 already includes:

  • Lights (on/off, dimmable, color temperature, extended color)
  • Plug-in units (on/off, dimmable)
  • Temperature sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Light sensors
  • Door/window contacts
  • Window coverings and similar objects to be controlled such as motorized skylights, projection screens, etc.

Other device categories are to be added on an ongoing basis.

The software update is offered to users automatically, but it may take a few days. Impatient ones can also specifically search for updates via the gateway’s web interface in the Updates section. Important: to update to 4.0.0, version 3.1.1 must be installed on the G1 first. For gateways that have not been actualized for a longer period of time, an intermediate step may be necessary.

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