Netatmo announces its first Matter sensor

The first Netatmo product for the new smart home standard Matter will be a motion detector. Or an opening contact for doors and windows – whichever you prefer. The Smart Security Sensor, as it is officially called, combines both functions in one device. It can be mounted on doors and windows as usual (see picture above). There, it detects the opening of the sash via a supplied adhesive magnet. However, the integrated motion detection works without a magnet, which means that the slim sensor also fits well in the corner of a room.

As a motion detector, the sensor requires little space. Image: Netatmo

Thread is used as the wireless protocol. Thus, the sensor can connect to a border router like the Amazon Echo 4 or the 2nd generation Nest Hub without any additional accessories. However, only after these two have received their software update for the Matter standard. The exact date for this is not yet known, but should be sometime in the first half of 2022. Netatmo has also not yet provided any information on the price of the security sensor and the date of its market launch. As soon as there is new information available, this news article will be updated.

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