Matter sensor P2 from Aqara now available

The P2 opening contact is Aqara’s first product designed entirely for the Matter standard. It does not work with Zigbee radio, like other sensors of the brand, but instead relies on Thread. This means that a Border Router like the Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo 4 or Google Nest Hub is all that’s needed to get the sensor up and running. The usual Zigbee hub, such as an Aqara M2, is not required. This principle, which is also used by Eve, Nanoleaf and other companies, is called “Matter over Thread”.

More features with Hub M3

With its upcoming M3 smart home hub, Aqara wants to offer a border router itself from spring 2024. Then, the Aqara app will also take control and be able to operate Matter devices like the P2. The manufacturer also holds out the prospect of additional functions available with an M3 – including a tamper alarm, adjustable sensitivity of the sensor and programming of the housing button, which can be used to start scenes or automations on the Aqara hub.

Currently, the door/window contact works with the well-known Matter ecosystems from Amazon, Apple, Google and SmartThings. It also receives software updates this way, as the Apple example shows: The HomeKit inventor has already integrated the corresponding function into its Home app. The sensor is powered by a CR123A lithium battery, which is also used in cameras. The P2 is available immediately in the U.S., Canada and five European countries (Germany, France, the UK, Italy and Spain). The price is around 30 US dollars/euro, which is a decent bit higher than the Zigbee counterpart from Aqara.

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