Tedee Go in black and silver

First smart lock to get Matter in Europe


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Although door locks have always been included in the Matter smart home standard, there are hardly any announcements about them from manufacturers. And if so, they are limited to the U.S. market, as in the case of Bolt or Yale. The Austrian company Nuki has already shown a prototype in the fall of 2022, but has not yet commented on dates or the market launch.

Software update for Matter

The role of a pioneer in Europe could therefore go to another company: Tedee from Poland has announced that it will equip its newly launched smart lock Tedee Go with firmware for Matter. The update is supposed to be released “in the near future” and activate the Thread radio protocol on the smart lock. From experience, such promises are to be taken with caution when it comes to Matter, but the race for the pole position seems to be on.

Door lock operator with app remote control: the smart lock Tedee Go. Image: Manufacturer

Up to now, the door lock actuator has only worked with Bluetooth and also requires the Tedee Smart Bridge to connect to smart home systems like Apple Home or Amazon Alexa. With Thread and the Matter standard, a Border Router like the HomePod, Nest Hub, or Amazon Echo (4th Gen.) is all that is needed to integrate the Tedee Go into the major smart home ecosystems. This makes the purchase cheaper (because the bridge is omitted) and expands the control options at the same time.

The door lock drive is available in black or silver from the manufacturer’s online store and the usual technology stores for just under 200 euros. As usual with this type, it requires a key-operated European lock cylinder with an emergency function that can be turned from both sides with keys inserted.

The Tedee Go sits inside on the lock cylinder with the key set. Image: Manufacturer

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