Photo of the Matter push-button coupler from Innovation matters

Matter module for wall push-buttons

The Austrian start-up Innovation matters has announced another product for the Matter standard. Following its Wi-Fi bridge for DALI luminaires, a module for standard push-button wall switches is now to come onto the market. Measuring 43 x 38 x 18 millimeters, the Matter pushbutton coupler fits into suitably deep flush-mounted or cavity wall boxes, meaning it can be installed behind a light switch. Four push-button inputs are available, each of which can trigger up to three different commands.

Three commands per button

Selection of the desired function is based on the duration of the button press or its repetition. The module distinguishes between short (< 0.5 s), long (> 0.5 s) and double (double press at intervals of <0.25 s). In this way, devices and scenes can be switched via connected Matter platforms. Alternatively, there should also be a dimmer mode: If the Matter Controller in use supports it, direct connections (Matter Bindings) can be established between the button and the device. After successful binding, a short press switches the on/off status of the device and a long press changes the current level in alternating manner. This allows lights or loudspeakers to be controlled, for example. Prerequisite: The connected Matter product must support On/Off and LevelControl commands.

As in the case of its DALI bridge, Innovation matters also relies on Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz, 802.11 b/g/n) this time. According to the manufacturer, all products have been developed in such a way that Thread radio could also be used for connection in the future. However, based on previous experience, the company says that a WLAN connection is currently preferable in terms of range, latency and data throughput for software updates. The push-button coupler can be pre-ordered via the company website (link). Delivery is scheduled for one to three months.

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