Matter bridge for DALI luminaires

While consumers still have to wait for the first Matter products to appear in retail stores, business among professionals is already getting underway. Prolicht from Austria equips a large part of its luminaire range with Matter-capable control on request (link). The supplier, which specializes in the contract sector with offices, retail, restaurants and hotels, talks of more than 1,000 luminaires in over 50,000 possible configurations. The online configurator of the company already provides the option. There, alternatively to the professional interface “DALI” (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface), “Matter” can now also be selected as the control system for many models.

In the Prolicht configurator, Matter can now also be selected as the control system.

A bridge makes contact

Technically, the Matter products from Prolicht are conventional DALI luminaires. A special module connects them to the new standard. It originates from a start-up company in the same location in Tyrol: Innovation matters iot GmbH – founded by Prolicht employees and also based in Götzens (link) – created it. Their Matter-to-DALI Bridge spans the gap between LED drivers of the DALI system and Matter ecosystems via Wi-Fi. This allows luminaire manufacturers to make their existing, digitally controllable products fit for Matter without much effort.

Unlike comparable products from Tridonic, the M2D Bridge is designed to support both variants of the DALI standard from the very beginning – the classic commands (DT6) and the more powerful DT8 system. An integrated power supply unit provides energy for up to eight DALI devices. The fact that Prolicht is the first manufacturer to use it seems logical – because of the close relationship between both companies. However, Innovation matters also sells its bridge to other customers – via professional sales partners and its own online store on the company homepage (link).

Innovation matters’ M2D bridge for DALI devices. Image: Manufacturer

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