First wall socket with Matter and Thread

Up to now, when people have talked about Matter sockets, it has always been about smart plugs – adaptors that make the power of a conventional socket switchable. Eve Systems is now bringing this technology into the wall for the first time. The Eve Energy Outlet for the US and Canadian markets (link) can replace conventional sockets. It is placed in an installation box with neutral wire and delivers a maximum of 1800 watts of power (120V / 15A). With more than 15 Ampere current, its relay is switched off by software to prevent damage.

The wall socket with two outlets has two LEDs that show the respective switching status. Both also serve as buttons to control the flow of electricity manually. Like all Matter products from Eve Systems, the Energy Outlet receives its commands wirelessly. As usual, the manufacturer relies on the Thread protocol. To connect to Matter platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home or SmartThings, a Border Router is required to establish wireless contact. In the United States and Canada, the product is already available. For other markets or even an EU version with 240 volts, the manufacturer is currently not making any statements.

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