Google unlocks Matter for Android

As of now, Matter products can also be added to Google’s smart home ecosystem. Nest-branded speakers, Nest displays and Nest Wifi routers have received an automatic update to work as hubs. Also, according to Google, the 2nd generation Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max and Nest Wifi Pro have been updated to operate as Thread border routers. This should mean that nothing stands in the way of connecting Matter-enabled Thread products, such as those from Eve Systems.

The menu item for Matter is currently only available in Google Home for Android.

However, an Android smartphone is a prerequisite. Only the Android version of the Google Home app can currently set up Matter devices. The corresponding menu item does not yet appear in the iOS counterpart. This coincides with the announcements of Amazon and SmartThings, which also only support Android at launch. The iOS updates of their respective apps will be released at a later time, probably at the beginning of 2023.

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