Matter Bridge from Mediola

Mediola certifies B2B bridge for Matter

Mediola, a German supplier to manufacturers of technical building equipment (TGA), says it has certified the “world’s first multi-protocol bridge for Matter.” This means the company can now offer its industrial customers customized solutions for their own wireless systems (link).

The idea: Many companies use proprietary, sometimes old radio protocols that are incompatible with Matter. In some cases, the companies have invested a lot of money in their technology and have been selling products for years that need to be brought over to the Matter age. After all, millions of radio-controlled shutters, awnings, garage doors and other things cannot be replaced simply because Matter exists.

The savior in such a situation is called a Bridge. It masters the respective radio protocol and translates commands into the language of Matter as well as back. Matter Bridges have been available from other suppliers for some time, such as the Zigbee gateway from Ubisys or the DALI-to-Matter bridge from Innovation Matters.

The special feature of Mediola’s solution is its open technology approach: OEM customers of the company are to be able to have a bridge built for their radio protocol used with manageable effort. Developments are apparently already underway. According to Mediola, “the first TGA manufacturers will launch their own OEM variants of the Mediola Matter Bridge on the market in the near future”.

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