Matter for Homematic IP and Somfy RTS

So far, there is no official Matter roadmap for the Homematic IP and Somfy RTS wireless systems. Both providers, EQ-3 and Somfy, have not yet commented on when they intend to make their installations compatible with the new smart home standard. EQ-3 has even yet to make the fundamental decision to support Matter at all. But now another manufacturer is stepping into the breach: Mediola from Frankfurt am Main has new Wi-Fi Bridges for the two radio protocols in its catalog (more about Bridges in the article What is a Matter Bridge?).

Matter Bridge for Homematic IP

According to the manufacturer, the Mediola Matter Bridge for Homematic IP (MMB-001-8-HmIP) offers the world’s first opportunity to integrate products from the extensive EQ-3 portfolio into a Matter system. It connects Homematic IP components with 868 MHz radio from the areas of heating, shading, lighting and switching as well as remote controls and door/window contacts with solutions such as Apple Home, Google Home or SmartThings. An overview of the supported products is available on the Internet (link). The manufacturer also points out that the range of functions may differ between the ecosystems because not every Matter platform has the same features.

Matter Bridge for Somfy RTS

The Mediola Matter Bridge for Somfy RTS IP (MMB-001-4-RTS) serves the same purpose for Somfy products with the RTS radio protocol (433 MHz). The main products supported here are roller shutter motors from the Altus, Orea and Oximo series, as well as solutions for swing gates and garage doors. A detailed list is also available on the manufacturer’s website (link). Both bridges can be ordered online with immediate effect and delivery is scheduled to begin in mid-January 2024. The price is 149 euros each, but the first 1000 customers currently receive a 50 euro discount.

The “Connect” app from Mediola controls devices on the Matter Bridge. Image: Manufacturer

Mediola app for control

Mediola has developed a free smartphone app for Android and iOS for setting up the bridges and connecting devices, which should be available in the app stores in time for the launch. According to the manufacturer, it will also be possible to operate the components. This would allow simple control with devices from EQ-3 or Somfy without using the respective access points of the smart home systems.

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