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For push-buttons: Thread module with Matter from Insta

It was already on show at the “Light + Building” trade fair in Frankfurt – but only in concealed form. This is what the new push button module from Insta is designed for: it fits into frames and behind covers of commercially available switch ranges with internal dimensions of 55×55 millimetres. This allows wireless push-buttons and wall-mounted remote controls to be realised in the Matter standard, as they also available for EnOcean wireless, Zigbee GreenPower or “Friends of Hue”.

In contrast to the aforementioned, however, the module from the German electrical equipment manufacturer works with the Thread radio protocol. It has four pressure points for quadruple buttons, each of which can be operated in three different ways: short, long and double press. A connected Matter system translates the command into a desired scenario or switches assigned end devices. Provided that the target platform can handle such buttons. This is currently not always the case (see “Construction sites in the Matter standard”).

Installation example: This is how the radio module sits in a stick-on wall switch. Image: Insta

“Generic switch” and Matter Bindings

The battery-powered module (battery type CR 2430) is currently best used in systems such as Apple Home, SmartThings and Home Assistant. It utilizes the “Generic Switch” cluster, which Amazon and Google are not yet familiar with. In addition, it supports Matter Bindings for a point-to-point connection to other devices. Bindings allow switches to be linked directly to other devices such as lamps – without having to go through a hub or a smart home control centre. However, the major Matter platforms from Amazon to SmartThings do not yet include this function in their apps, which is why it cannot be programmed or set up.

As an OEM or white label product, Insta’s push-button module is not intended for sale to end customers. The manufacturer supplies it to switch manufacturers or other customers who would like to offer a ready-made product. Interested parties can contact the sales department using the contact details on the company website (link).

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