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AVM launches beta version of Matter software

The German router manufacturer and network supplier AVM has released the announced Matter software for its smart home gateway. The update is available for download as a beta version in the so-called Fritz Lab (link). In the lab, AVM releases new software versions for FritzBox routers and other products before they are released to all customers.

Update turns AVM gateway into a Matter Bridge

The pre-release version of the FritzSmart Gateway software has the number 7.62-113994 and can be downloaded as a ZIP file from AVM’s lab page. There are also installation instructions availabe on the lab page how to install the software on the gateway. The update turns the AVM Dect/Zigbee hub into a Matter Bridge. This means that products connected to the gateway are forwarded to Matter platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home or Home Assistant and appear in the app of the respective system.

This is how the gateway connects a Fritz smart home installation with Matter systems. Image: AVM

This applies both to AVM’s own Fritz sensors and actuators that use the wireless Dect ULE protocol and to devices from third-party manufacturers that utilize the HAN-FUN extension in the Dect ULE standard. As well as for Zigbee components that can also be registered on the gateway.

The FritzSmart Gateway is compatible with selected Zigbee products from brands such as Aeotec, Ikea, Nexentro, NodOn and Philips Hue – including lamps, sensors, sockets, blinds and flush-mounted modules. A compatibility list on the Internet (link) lists all models that AVM officially supports. Others are possible, but the manufacturer does not guarantee that they will function perfectly or be fully displayed on the user interfaces of the FritzBox ecosystem.

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