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Eve Systems: Matter updates for everybody


A contribution by digitalzimmer.de (link)

The early adopter program has come to an end. Three HomeKit products from Eve Systems can now receive a public firmware upgrade for the new Matter standard. The software update is available for the Thread versions of the Eve Energy, Eve Motion and Eve Door & Window. Other models are to follow.

Requirement: The current Eve app version 6.0 must be installed on the iPhone or iPad. Only there, the new menu item “Upgrade to Matter” appears in the settings of the device (see screenshot below).

For compatible products, the notice appears in the settings of the Eve app. Image: digitalzimmer.de

Before the upgrade, the Eve app checks whether all technical conditions are met. For example, whether a Thread network is available in the home and if the devices in question are already integrated there under HomeKit. During the upgrade, the app also generates a new QR code for Matter, which should definitely be saved and stored. An app such as „Homepass“, which manages HomeKit and Matter codes centrally in a database, is suitable for this purpose (link).

Saving and storing them safely is essential, because the HomeKit codes that were previously supplied and stuck to the products lose their validity with an upgrade to Matter. Anyone who buys new Eve products as Matter versions will receive the corresponding QR code at the same time. If the app-generated code is lost, even the manufacturer cannot reconstruct it because the encryption is done locally on site.

With Matter, Eve products are also suitable for systems like SmartThings. Image: digitalzimmer.de

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