Living space and smartphone with Busch-free@home

Busch-Jaeger integrates Matter into its bus system

The acquisition of Eve Systems already seems to be paying off for the Swiss ABB Group. At IFA 2023, it was possible to see how products from the two suppliers complement each other. ABB subsidiaries Busch-Jaeger and Eve Systems showed an installation in Berlin that combines professional building technology with the Matter standard. On one side: the Busch-free@home bus system, also known as ABB-free@home in some countries. On the other side: Matter components from Eve Systems.

The demo wall from Busch-Jaeger and Eve at the Eve booth at IFA. Image: matter-smarthome

The System Access Point 2.0 from Busch-Jaeger, which is scheduled to receive a software update in the fourth quarter of 2023, serves as the link between the two worlds. This will enable it to integrate products from Eve into Busch-free@home. The prerequisite is an installed Border Router that sets up the necessary Thread network. The access point itself does not have a corresponding function.

Once the connection is established, installed devices can be operated from both sides. Both Eve components and Busch-free@home sensors and actuators appear in the app of the other partner. If the implementation comes about as shown in Berlin, it would open up new possibilities for users. They could add smart plugs, wireless blinds and other products to their building installation themselves without having to call a specialist.

Among experts, this topic is already being eagerly discussed. Who is liable if a customer causes damage with self-installed products? Does a complete opening via the Matter standard make sense at all, or should use be limited to selected (and tested) products? Only this much is clear: With the ABB and Eve Systems showcase, Matter has finally reached the professional sector.

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