Loxone is experimenting with Matter

Another provider of professional building technology, Loxone, is backing the Matter smart home standard. The Austrian company, known for its bright green Miniserver (pictured below), has released a beta version of its configuration software Loxone Config, which offers an “experimental integration” (link).

The green Miniserver is brain and control center of a Loxone system. Image: Manufacturer

Miniserver as a Matter Bridge

Experimental means in this context that the manufacturer advises against using the Matter integration in “in active customer or vital installations” – and so far does not provide any support for it. In test installations, Matter repeatedly causes heavy network congestion, according to Loxone. Also, the Miniserver with its new software probably functions rather as a Matter bridge that passes devices from a Loxone installation to platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Home or SmartThings. According to the description, it is not a controller that can steer devices itself via the Matter standard.

To do so, a Matter controller from providers such as Amazon, Apple, Google or SmartThings is required. With this, the following Controls from the Loxone system are available – as long as the respective Matter ecosystem supports the function:

Loxone ControlsMatter Device Types
Switch / PushbuttonOn / Off Switch
JalousieWindow Covering
LightOn / Off Light
WindowWindow Covering
GateDoor Lock
IRC (Intelligent Room Controller)Thermostat

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