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Matter will not launch before fall 2022

There have been rumors for some time, but now it’s official: The cross-manufacturer smart home standard Matter is delayed yet again. As in the past year, additional tests are apparently necessary to ensure a smooth interaction of the future products. The umbrella organization CSA announced today in its blog (link) that another test event is scheduled for the summer, involving “more than 130 devices representing 15 device and sensor types from more than 50 member companies.”

However, this also means that the final specifications and the software development kit (SDK) will only be ready after that. The CSA announcement talks about fall 2022. From then on, the official certification program will be open to all companies that want to have Matter devices certified.

Announcements for software updates or new products that have already been made are likely to be delayed accordingly. Manufacturers who are not involved from the beginning and only start their product development after the SDK is published are unlikely to be on the market before the end of 2022. For the long-awaited standard, it is once again true that good things take time.

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