Yeelight Pro now supports Matter

Lighting brand Yeelight has updated its S20 gateway. According to Coaster Li, vice president of the overseas division, the free software update has already been successfully rolled out. This will make Yeelight Pro series luminaires, lamps, switches and sensors compatible with the Matter smart home standard.

Products of the Yeelight Pro (link) lighting system work with Bluetooth radio (Bluetooth Mesh) and cannot connect to Matter themselves – the standard requires the Thread protocol or WLAN for this purpose. However, their common base station S20 serves as a Matter bridge and establishes contact to the domestic IP network via its Ethernet port. The same principle is also used by Zigbee gateways like the G1 from Ubisys or the Philips Hue Bridge.

According to its own statement, Yeelight is represented in more than 200 regions worldwide and has sold beyond 80 million products there. The Pro range is mainly found in the home country China and in the East Asian region, but Russia, Poland and Turkey are also among the sales markets. However, the Chinese supplier wants to expand its Matter support step by step. For example, a software update for the Cube WLAN table lamp is already planned.

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