Wiz confirms Matter updates for current products

In an online product presentation today, Wiz confirmed its statement from last year. The manufacturer’s WLAN products will support the upcoming smart home standard Matter. At least that’s true for current light fixtures and luminaires that have been on the market since September 2021. They meet the hardware requirements that Matter places on a software update. Earlier models are likely to have too little memory or be overwhelmed with other specifications. The Signify company is not yet making any statements about the timing of the updates, but wants to be there promptly when the new standard is launched in the fall of 2022.

Wireless products without a bridge

Advantage of Wiz products over the Philips Hue brand from the same company: Because the lamps and adapter plugs use Wi-Fi at home, they can be controlled with a Matter system without additional accessories. You do not need a bridge as a translator and also no border router, which brings, for example, thread devices into the router network.

The WiFi Plug from Wiz could be among the first models with Matter. Image: Manufacturer

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