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These Google products are going to support Matter

At its international developer conference Google I/O, the US company revealed a bit more about Matter. The following Google products are expected to support the new smart home standard when it launches at the end of 2021:

  • The Google Home app remains the control center of every smart home installation that works with Google’s control intelligence. The only difference is that it will also be able to handle Matter devices in the future.
  • The Android operating system for smartphones and tablets is supposed to automatically recognize new Matter products during setup and offer them for installation. A window opens automatically on the screen, as Apple users are already used to when setting up their HomePod or AirPods headphones (see picture below). Prerequisite: The new Matter device is equipped with Bluetooth. Otherwise, it cannot identify itself to Android.
Android will automatically detect products with Bluetooth. ©Google
  • The Nest product range is the busiest. Three current products will not only support Matter, but also serve as a hub for the Thread wireless standard: the Nest Hub (2nd gen.), the Nest Hub Max, which is not yet available everywhere, and the Nest Wifi mesh system. Of the pure WLAN devices, the following will receive a software update: Google Home, Nest Mini (1+2nd Gen.), Nest Hub (1st Gen.) and Nest Audio. In addition, the current Nest Thermostat will be the first peripheral device to become compatible with Matter. However, this is only of limited interest for users in Germany, because Nest thermostats are not officially available here. Google has not yet made any statements about other products like cameras, smoke detectors, and Chromecast.

Update from 10/22/2021: At its Smart Home Summit for developers (link), Google has once again confirmed and specified its list of compatible devices. A screen from the presentation is shown below.

Overview of Matter-compatible devices, as of October 2021 ©Google

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