SwitchBot expands its Matter support

SwitchBot (link) is more than doubling the number of its devices that can be used with Matter. “Almost all products can now support Matter via SwitchBot Hub 2” the company announced in a press release. This also includes robot vacuums – a product category that has been part of the smart home standard since Matter version 1.2, but for which there have only been vague announcements to date.

In addition, according to the manufacturer, devices such as televisions or air conditioning systems can also be controlled with Matter via the hub’s infrared function, provided that their infrared codes match the ones supported by the hub. The company announced to roll out the free software update from 8 April 2024. Users are to upgrade their SwitchBot app first to the latest version, then all necessary firmware updates can be installed on the devices.

More than two dozen devices

As is sometimes the case with the Matter standard, the type and scope of support depends on the Matter platform used. For example, the company’s Smart Buttons are currently only available to Apple Home users. Other platforms such as Google Home or SmartThings do not support them. The range of functions is also limited in some cases. For example, SwitchBot lights may be switched on and off in the Apple Home app, but their brightness or color cannot be changed. The manufacturer has provided further information on this online.

The list of SwitchBot products supported with immediate effect is as follows: Hub2, Hub Mini, Bot, Curtain, Curtain 3, Blind Tilt, Lock, Lock Pro, Motion Sensor, Contact Sensor, S1, S1 Plus, K10+, S10, Ceiling Light, Ceiling Light Pro, Colour Bulb, Strip Light, Plug Mini, Remote Button, Mater, Meter Plus, Outdoor Meter, Humidifier, Battery Fan.

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