Nanoleaf Skylight launched without Matter for now

LED specialist Nanoleaf is one of the Matter pioneers and has numerous products on the market that support the standard (see device overview). The modular Skylight ceiling luminaire – presented at CES a year ago – was intended to expand this circle. Although Matter lamps and light strips from Nanoleaf are already available, the company’s popular light panels have to wait for the manufacturer-independent standard. So far, they are integrated into systems such as Alexa, Apple and Google Home or SmartThings via individual interfaces (APIs).

With Skylight, Nanoleaf is now expanding its range – from colorful “Shapes”, “Lines” and “Elements”, which appeal to a predominantly young audience, to variable room lighting for people of all ages. At the same time, the freely configurable LED squares were to be the company’s first panel product to adopt the Matter standard. That, at least, was the announcement at CES 2023.

However, Skylight is now being sold without Matter support. The connection to the smart home is made via the tried-and-tested APIs – recognizable by the “Works with” labels for Alexa, Apple, Google and SmartThings on the packaging and in the online store (link). When asked, Nanoleaf said: “We’re looking to bring Matter to our panel products soon.” Whether this will be done via a software update, if it requires new hardware and to which of the manufacturer’s panel systems this statement applies remains open for the time being.

The starter kit of the Nanoleaf Skylight with three light panels. Picture: Manufacturer

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