Inexpensive Matter smart plug from Onvis

The smart home equipment supplier Onvis is launching a smart plug for the Matter standard. The Chinese brand has so far been known primarily for HomeKit products, where it relies on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as wireless standards. The new Onvis Smart Plug S4 will work with the Thread protocol instead and can already be pre-ordered via the manufacturer’s store page (link). The low introductory price is striking: a two-pack costs around 25 US-Dollars with an early bird discount, and the four-pack set is available for 40 Dollars. Delivery is scheduled for mid-June, although experience shows that Matter products can be delayed.

Border Router Connection

A Thread Border Router, such as Amazon, Apple, Google and SmartThings offer, is required to operate the wireless plug. For example, an Echo 4 or HomePod mini can establish the connection. Setup and operation are then the task of the respective Matter ecosystem. In the end, the decisive factor will be the quality and durability of such low-priced products – whether they can really save money. Meross, another manufacturer from the Far East, recently had to recall its Wi-Fi plug due to electrical safety problems.

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