Matter-Module von Freedompro im Überblick

Freedompro: Matter products for electrical installation

Freedompro from Italy(link) has a new range of installation products for the Matter standard. The actuators are designed for mounting behind switches, in junction boxes or on the DIN rail. Accordingly, there are three different designs. The smallest version, labelled “Mini” by the manufacturer, can also be installed in wall boxes behind conventional push-buttons or switches thanks to its small dimensions (18 × 42.3 × 41.5 mm).

Actuators for light, electrical loads and shading

The range includes switch actuators with one and two outputs as well as shading actuators for roller shutters and electric curtains. A potential-free version is designed to control electrical devices such as fans, garage doors or the irrigation system in the garden. However, not all versions are currently available. The manufacturer is only labelling the models for lighting and shading as available in its shop.

Freedompro uses the local Wi-Fi network to connect wirelessly to a Matter platform such as Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home, SmartThings or Home Assistant. These are therefore “Matter over Wi-Fi” products, such as those available from Eltako. A smartphone app from the manufacturer allows the modules to be commissioned and administered without the involvement of other platforms. As is well known, the exact range of functions always depends on the control system used. The Matter standard does not change this.

Experience with HomeKit and KNX in the professional sector

Freedompro from the Monza region used to offer actuators for the DIN rail that were HomeKit-certified, for example. The company is now switching to the new Matter standard. Professionals who use installation systems such as KNX or BTicino MyHome SCS (Legrand) may also have already come across the Italian company. Its IP gateways from the Easykon series connect the home installation with external systems such as Apple Home or Alexa. Unlike products from 1Home or Atios, however, these IP bridges are not yet Matter-certified.

Freedompro also develops and sells IP gateways for KNX and MyHome SCS installations. Image: Manufacturer

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