Bosch intends to actively support Matter

A small bang for the industry: With Bosch, the upcoming smart home standard Matter finds another well-known and influential supporter. According to the company, it is already being worked on “in all relevant Bosch divisions that offer solutions for smart home or connected home appliances”. At the same time, as a member of the CSA, Bosch would like to contribute its detailed knowledge of various device classes.

Specifically mentioned in this context: security and kitchen appliances as well as solutions for energy management. This raises hopes for an expansion of the standard, which will only include selected product groups such as lamps, sockets and thermostats when it is launched in the fall of 2022. Surveillance cameras and household appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers, for example, are missing for the time being. For them to find a way into the Matter standard, interested manufacturers must drive development – companies like the global corporation from Stuttgart.

Off we go with Bosch Smart Home and Thermotechnology

Starting in 2023, Bosch plans to integrate the Matter standard gradually into relevant product offerings. This will start with the in-house Bosch Smart Home wireless automation system (link) and devices from the Bosch Thermotechnology heating division (link). Also under discussion is the Home Connect Plus app (link), which allows IoT products to be controlled via the Internet. “Bosch is convinced that Matter will be the future standard for smart home products,” a press release from the smart home business unit says. We have heard almost the same wording from Samsung.

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