Insta and Mediola team up for Matter

Two German experts in building automation have joined forces to develop Matter products for other companies. On one side: Mediola Connected Living AG from Frankfurt am Main (link). The platform provider has been developing systems that connect and automate devices across manufacturer boundaries for 15 years. Among them a software called AIO Creator Neo (pictured below), which can be used to design central user interfaces.

Mediola specializes in software for IoT, integration and automation. Image: matter-smarthome

The partner in the team is called Insta GmbH and comes from Lüdenscheid in North Rhine-Westphalia (link). It has been building products for lighting and building control for more than 50 years. Founded in 1970 by German socket and switch manufacturers, the company is now owned equally by the two founding members GIRA and JUNG. Regular readers know that Matter is an issue for Insta since this interview with the head of the innovation department, Dr. Stefan Neuhaus.

Full service offer

The two have identified other building technology manufacturers as a target group who want to benefit from the Matter standard but do not have sufficient resources of their own. Developing, certifying and maintaining a product involves effort. “In addition, established suppliers may have special functions that are not even mapped in the Matter standard,” Mediola CEO Bernd Grohmann points out. It is important to maintain these differentiating features from competitors – with an app that still makes them operable.

Proprietary radio standards of corporate customers need to be connected to Matter via bridge. “And with newly developed products, it can make sense to provide for a subsequent software update to the Thread protocol right away,” adds Alexander Döpper, Business Development Manager at Insta. So that bridged products may eventually become native Matter participants.

Insta manufacturing
Insta has been manufacturing electronic products for building services for 50 years. Image: Insta

The services offered by the new tandem are correspondingly extensive. They range from the conception of smart product ideas and the development of devices, cloud services and apps to serial production. Mediola and Insta also want to take care of things like certification and subsequent product maintenance, known as lifecycle management, for their customers on request. The division of labor in the team follows the company profiles of the two partners: “Mediola focuses more on software, we on the hardware side,” Alexander Döpper from Insta explains.

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