For Matter: Apple is renaming its HomeKit logo

Smart home products that work with Apple’s Home app and Siri voice control will have a new emblem. Until now, they could be recognized by the label “Works with Apple HomeKit.” However, with this year’s WWCD 22 developer conference, a new label has surfaced. It is titled “Works with Apple Home” and can be seen as preparation for the upcoming smart home standard Matter.

Because after the launch of Matter in the fall, there will be two categories of devices that can be controlled with iPhone & Co.: the classic group – HomeKit-certified and Apple-exclusive – and products from the new Matter family that also work with Alexa, Google and other ecosystems.

In order not to confuse users unnecessarily, Apple probably puts its app in the foreground. After all, it is the face of the control system and gets a new, revised look with iOS 16. The new name also seems more logical, since HomeKit is actually the software framework that devices in Apple’s smart home use to communicate. To create more clarity in the Matter age, Google has also already renamed its program. There, the logo is now called “Works with Google Home” instead of “Works with Hey Google”.

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