Matter advantages explained in video

During the Matter launch event in Amsterdam, the umbrella organization CSA (Connectivity Standards Alliance) released a new video summarizing the expected benefits of the smart home standard.


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The video on YouTube, which lasts just over six minutes, begins with the goal that smart products should be as easy to buy as unconnected ones. It promises that Matter will enable this because all devices with a Matter logo are compatible with each other. The video continues with simplified setup (min. 1:09) and mentions simultaneous multi-admin operation in multiple smart home systems (min. 1:56). It continues with the benefits of local connections (min. 2:19), which should make a smart light switch as reliable as a traditional, unconnected one, for example.

The film explains that developers can use Matter to launch products more quickly and easily (min. 2:50), and concludes that the greatest achievement is probably not technology, but the worldwide collaboration of around 300 companies that developed the standard in record time (min. 4:14). Thanks to their help and various software updates, many consumers now do not have to buy new devices, but can continue to use their existing products under Matter (min. 5:16).

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